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"18 Years" collection (1975)

From my senior year in high school through my freshman year in college,
I wrote a bunch of folk songs, sharing them with friends, at the Christian Fellowship and many coffeehouses.

That December, sitting on the bed in my dorm room,
I recorded 24 of them on cassette as a Christmas gift for my parents. 

Many of these songs were 'field tested' at various coffeehouses around Westfield State College. 
One of them, "The Traveler", has been recorded and translated by several around the world.


Lyrics Sheet for all 24 songs

My parents copy of the cassette, one of only a few made


Double-Double Land     MP3

Nancy's Lullaby     MP3

Someone     MP3

I Don't Hafta Play No Jazz     MP3

Through My Lies     MP3

Then Came The Lord     MP3

Rita     MP3

Peppito     MP3

Where Are You Now?     MP3

The Traveler     MP3

In My Heart Today     MP3

Love For Love     MP3

You Can't Get To Heaven     MP3

Statement Against War     MP3

Christmas Round     MP3

A Song For Matthew     MP3

In The Summer     MP3

Hey Clown     MP3

Nancy's Panda Bear     MP3

If You Believe     MP3

I Wish I Was Poor     MP3

Lady Of Gold     MP3

Love the Lord     MP3

Your Love Is Just Beginning     MP3



All songs copyright  1974-1975, Ralph Merrifield
 New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA  01581