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by  Bob Kilpatrick
(July 2004)


Dear Pastors and Friends,

I want to let you know about a series of notebooks I've just completed.
They are 'survival guides' for various people in your congregation or
circle of friends - the sound crew, the worship leader, the songwriter,
the traveling minister.  You know someone who needs this information!

The Church Sound Survival Guide
what you need to know to run church sound)  

Full of descriptions of how the sound system is put together and how to operate it, along with good, sound advice. No more feedback or missed cues!

The Worship Recording Survival Guide
(what you need to know to record your worship team)

Describes every step of the planning, recording and manufacturing process, with helpful forms, hints on making it good  and descriptions of how recording works. Practical advice from years of recording worship teams.

The Music Ministry Survival Guide

(what you need to know to travel & sing for Jesus)

From my own 28 years in itinerant ministry, includes info on booking, concertizing, recording, the pitfalls of traveling and keeping a clean heart.

The Christian Songwriter Survival Guide

(what you need to know to write songs for God)

An instant primer on lyric writing, melody construction and chord voicings for every Christian songwriter.

These are so new that they're not even on the website yet! When they do pop up there in the next couple of weeks, they'll be selling for $20 each, plus $4 shipping. Right now, I'd like to offer you any of them for $15 each, plus $4 shipping. If you want all four guides, you can get them together for $45, plus $4 shipping- 4 for the price of 3! I won't
be doing this after they're on the site.

Just drop me an email or call with your name and address saying you want them and I'll send them out. If you want, I can bill you for them or you can include your cc info. Either way, I know that you or someone you know will benefit greatly from these books. After you get them, if you don't think they're worth it, send them back and I'll give your money

In His Great Love,

Bob Kilpatrick
P.O.Box 2383
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
voice (916)961-1022 (you can always reach me here)
fax (916)965-7138

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