by Ralph Merrifield

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He Shall Be Called

a simple, Scripture-based Christmas carol, sung by many churches, choirs & children around the world since 1990 !

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I am ... a Music Teacher in St. Francis Anglo Indian Girls High School in Coimbatore. I decided to teach "He Shall Be Called" and "You Gave Us Hope" to our school children for Christmas Carol 2007. As we began our practices, our children were moved by the Spirit of the Lord and they told me that they felt peace, joy and happiness. It is truly uplifting music and an inspiration from the Holy Ghost to you. God wants you to be an instrument in His hands to do this marvelous work to build His kingdom here on this earth.

Charles, from India

You Gave Us Hope

A song for Advent

Hello, I am the eighth grade teacher at Holy Spirit School... I have the dubious honor of organizing the Christmas program for our school. I was at my end trying to find a song appropriate for my class to sing when I happened upon your web site and the beautiful song, "You Gave Us Hope." Thank you and God Bless you. We will sing it on December 14 at our program in praise of Jesus and in thanksgiving for you and your great gift.

Anne, from California

The Baby Of Bethlehem

A Christmas Hymn!

Check out the new arrangements :)

I have been blessed. I found "The Baby Of Bethlehem"  and thought that was sooooo beautiful! I had to pleasure to play "The Baby of Bethlehem" for a church in a county North of me and the church paid me a good amount... I donated it right back to the church. I play flute and... am starting a lot of professional performance in churches... Keep up the great work. The music is AWESOME!




Good News

The Angel Said

In Him Was Life

After Jesus Was Born

The Mighty One


Glory To God

My Soul Glorifies The Lord

But You, Bethlehem

- - - - - - -
When They Saw The Star

Behold, The Virgin

While They Were There

Joseph Son Of David

Mary Said

How Will This Be

This Will Be A Sign


Light, Into Darkness, Has Come
A song for lighting the advent wreath candles

So Long Ago, In Bethlehem
The animals in the stable praise the Savior's birth

Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem

in the style of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"

little baby born in a manger,
'cause You found no room at the inn...

To The Quiet Town Of Bethlehem
A silly song for kids about animals

In Bethlehem
A four-part round for Christmas

Oh What A Sight
Oh what a sight on Christmas morning,
fresh fallen snow on the ground


Into The Darkness
Into the darkness Light is dawning,
Jesus the Lord has come

Wonderful Couns'lor, Rod Of Jesse
Wonderful Couns'lor, Rod of Jesse,
You are the Prince of Peace

Mighty One
Mighty One, Holy is Your name


After listening to SATB arrangement from your site, I selected two of your beautiful Carols "He Shall Be Called" and "The Baby Of Bethlehem" and presented by my Choir during the Christmas programmes in December 2003 and 2004.  These were the best enjoyed among the seventeen carols we presented. The tune and arrangement were indeed exceptional and the effort is really commendable.

May God bless you and let you create more such carols to enable attracting many souls to His Kingdom.

K.M.Thomas, Choir Director, CNI Immanuel Church, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, India


by Adrian V. Miller

All Hail Immanuel * ALL HAIL IMMANUEL

Angels We Have Heard On High * GLORIA (Barns) *  Descant to traditional Christmas Carol

Come To The Manger * ANIMA CHRISTI 

Glory Be God In The Highest  * ANGELS-1

Glory To God  * GLORY TO GOD

Glory To Our Lord And King  * INNOCENTS

Joy To The World  *  ANTIOCH  * Descant to traditional Christmas Carol

Kom Naar Zijn Kribbe  *  ANIMA CHRISTI-Du

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful  * ADESTE FIDELES  *  Descant to traditional Christmas Carol


by Daisy Augustine

He Shall Be Called 

The Baby Of Bethlehem

You Gave Us Hope 



by Steven E. Anderson

Of Old The Prophets Have Foretold (ST. LOUIS)

Of Old The Prophets Have Foretold (CAROL)

Dark Was The Night 

Oh, Starry Sky

Christ Our Savior Came


Thank you for the "He Shall Be Called" music. Our choir at St Luke United Methodist Church sang it the first Sunday in Advent for our anthem. The congregation liked it so well, I decided for us to sing it (1st verse) as a Call to Worship, which we are doing every Sunday for the Advent season. We have a young man who plays the guitar along with the piano. The congregation loves to sing it! Attached is a picture of our choir singing the song on November 27, 2005.

Patty, Choir Director from South Carolina

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We've used a number of New Hope Music songs in the past: "He Shall Be Called"... is a personal favorite... My choir sang your wonderful song, "You Gave Us Hope" in our Christmas Morning service last year.

Brian James Wallace, from Canada

Hear the St. Clair Avenue Baptist Church choir adapted version of "You Gave Us Hope"


Bob Sorem's MIDI PAGE

Before the Tablo, different Sunday Schools sang songs.  We sang "Have You Ever Heard...?" and explained that Jesus was born among animals and now animals praise the Lord.   It was the first time in Pakistan we sang the song to a gathering of good and educated people. They liked it very much.   (Note:  Over the years,, this choir has also sung "He Shall Be Called", "To The Quiet Town Of Bethlehem" and many other NHM songs!)

Samson, Pakistan

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We will be doing "You Gave Us Hope" this next Sunday. Also want to do "The Baby of Bethlehem" and "He Shall Be Called" for Christmas.


I got to know about your website through the Internet when searching for Christmas songs...

My choir really likes "He Shall Be Called". I want to use more (of your) songs with my choir.

Sola Adetutu, from Nigeria