Go Spread His Word!


The nations rage and tremble,

and all around is war,

great armies set for distant lands,

and peace, it is no more.

The world is filled with anguish

and ev’rywhere are quakes.

The peoples tremble, live in fear,

and all the world now shakes.


“Fear not for I am with you,

my peace I give to you,

I know your anguish and your fears,

indeed I truly do.”

So says the Lord, our Saviour,

to all of His elect,

and at the right, appointed time,

be sure that He will act.


The Lord God is our Master,

our best Friend in this world.

Soon He comes and will meet with us,

His Kingdom is unfurled.

Till then do daily serve Him

and spread the news around:

His love, His grace, His mercies,

they truly do abound.


Oh saints of God be ready,

the wedding feast is nigh!

The bridegroom soon will come to claim,

He’ll come here from on high.

So have your lamps now ready

and live expectantly.

Go spread His Word to all who’ll hear,

go do it presently.


The saints go marching onward,

they need not live in fear.

No matter what the circumstance,

they know their Lord is near.

Sustain, support eachother

and are of one accord.

Their’s is the final victory

in Jesus Christ, their Lord.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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