Let Us All His Vineyard Work!


There is none like our Lord, Jesus,

God incarnate from on high.

Ever present, all around us

and, when needed, always nigh.

Hes the Master of our life

and our Present Help in strife.


He calls all to life eternal,

gave His life so we might live.

Though we often fall and stumle,

when we ask, He does forgive.

Jesus, Lord, we praise Your name,

t is for us to earth You came.


Oh, Lord Jesus, You are gracious,

evry day You are our Friend.

Our life with You is most joyous,

we will serve You to the end.

When our life on earth is done,

we will hear Your voice to come.


Oh, that all would hear Your calling,

know You are the Lord of lords.

How their lives would be enthralling,

all the joys their Lord affords.

Let us all His vineyard work,

never His commandments shirk.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


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