Our Risen King


Praise be to Jesus Christ, to our risen King,

joyfully and grateful, loud hosannas sing.

He gave His life for all hanging on a tree,

for manís sins He paid there, just to set us free.



Glory hallelujah, Heíll forever reign,

from the tomb He rose up, Lamb for sinners slain.

He lives in glory now, seated on His throne,

watching all on earth here from His heavínly home.


Our Lord will come again, that is what He said.

Ďt Is His Word and tidings, in this world will spread.

No one can stop our Lord, He will reign supreme,

evíry knee will bow then and their Lord esteem.


This world will be made new, Jesus will be King.

All who their Lord do love, praises to Him sing.

There will be peace on earth, everlasting long,

for in His new Kingdom, nothing can go wrong.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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