Jesus Gave His Life For Me!

There is no Friend greater than He, who forfeits His own life,

yes, Jesus gave His life for me and took away my strife.

My sins He washed, as white as snow, He gave me a clean slate,

I now rejoice in Him each day, each day may celebrate.

There is no love as great as His, nor grace down here below,

that can be measured by such norms as my Lord does bestow.

How great You are, my Lord, my all, that You would care for me,

that You would suffer pain and death, and all to set me free.

I pray for friends and family, my neighbours down the street,

that all of them may know You, Lord, Your work in them complete.

Oh, may the light of love shine bright in all I say and do,

so none of my acquaintences can say, I never knew!


Lord, send us all out with Your Word, to bear our witness true

to God the Father, God the Son, the Holy Spirit too.

That in a world submerged in hate, Your peace will come to bear,

and love takes root to bear much fruit, Your praises on the air.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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