Bless Me True

Lord, I hear of richest blessing,

which You send time and again.

I too am in need of blessing,

next time, please, remember then:

Some for me, some for me,

send some droplets down for me!

Do not pass me by, oh Master,

see how I in sin repine.

Pull me closer, ever faster,

with Your love do me entwine.

Oh please do, love me true,

pour Your love now on me too!

Holy Spirit, come upon me,

come and do with me reside.

With Your power I will be free,

daily be my trusted Guide.

Dwell in me, set me free,

Holy Spirit, hear my plea!

Love of God, so pure and mighty,

Jesusí blood does set me free.

Pour Your grace on me, Almighty,

so I may like Jesus be.

Bless me too, bless me true,

blessing others, bless me too!

Gracious God, You are eternal,

may I live for You always

Take my life and make it sparkle,

make my life a hymn of praise.

God above, You are love,

send Your blessings from above!

After a hymn by M.S. Bromet.

English text, a paraphrase in part :

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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