Yes, I Claim To Be A Christian

When I claim to be a Christian,

Iím not speaking out of pride.

But I heard my Masterís calling

and Ďt is He Whoís now my Guide.

Yes, I heard my Masterís calling

for He knew that I was lost.

Then He came to find and save me

and He did not count the cost.

When I claim to be a Christian,

Iím not saying I am strong.

Yet I know without a question,

that I now to Him belong.

Often I am prone to stumble,

I do falter, fall and fail.

He does teach me to be humble

though, as yet, Iím weak and frail.

When I claim to be a Christian,

I must be the least of all.

In the scheme of things a peon,

judging others is His call.

One day Iíll be strong and perfect,

when He calls me to come home.

Then Iíll hear the final verdict,

nevermore to be alone.

Yes, I claim to be a Christian,

for I heard my Masterís call.

His kind offer of salvation

is an offer made to all.

Can you hear the Master calling?

Yes, Heís calling you by name.

You can answer or keep stalling,

Ďt is for you too that He came.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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