He Still Lives In Glory

We have a story, a story to tell you,

although an old story, to many 't is new.

This story concerning a Prince of such great peace,

Who left His own palace to seek our release.

Yes, He left His palace to free us from malice

inflicted by Satan, of darkness the prince.

He was much caring, His own self not sparing,

He brought us His love from His home far above.

And freely forgiving, He sent the lame walking,

cured many a mind and gave sight to the blind.

Yes, He cured sick people and treated all equal

and to all who would hear, His message was clear.

But in this story, this Prince full of glory

was sentenced to die on a cross lifted high.

And can you now believe it, His life He did forfeit

for you and for me to from sin set us free?

Yes, He did that for me, He gave His life for me,

and He did that for you, this story is true.

He has arisen, from His deadly prison,

the grave could not hold Him, His friends have seen Him.

And then without malice, returned to His palace.

From there He still leads us and He pleads for us.

Yes, so goes the story, He still lives in glory.

His name is Christ Jesus, He'll come back for us.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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