An Evening Song

We come to offer You our thanks, Lord,

to praise You in our ev'ning song.

The sun, our light at day, descended,

but You, our Light, still guides us strong.

Your gentle hands are all embracing,

more than a father You do care.

Oh everlasting Source of blessing,

to You we come tonight in pray'r.

Your loving care all day surrounds us,

Your hands provide our daily food.

You saw us through many temptations,

oh Lord, accept our gratitude.

All day, starting at early dawning,

You've been our constant Guide and Stay.

This ev'ning, after all our toiling,

You offer rest from work and play.

We thank You Lord for all Your mercies,

which we as sinners don't deserve.

If You should judge us by Your precepts,

oh how Your wrath would then unnerve.

But we no longer need to flee You,

through Jesus' blood You set us free.

Body and spirit You renew Lord,

You grant us peace, hearing our plea.

This night, may Your love be our cover,

Lord keep us in Your tender care.

And when You wake us in the morning,

accept anew our praise and pray'r.

And should we ne'er again awake here,

accept our spirits then up there,

to in Your presence know the peace Lord,

for which on earth we must prepare.

We know in Whom we have believed,

the Rock, on which we built our hope.

By night, by day, You never fail us

in all our struggles help us cope.

Then in the evening of our time here,

when worn from daily work and strife,

we still may offer You our praises,

for every day You gave us life.

Based on a hymn by Herman Adriaan Bruining (1738-1811)

English paraphrase: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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