Let Us Go On With Haste!

Come children, do not tarry,

let us go on with haste.

The road ahead is rocky,

amid this barren waste.

Ev’ning is drawing nigh,

pick up your staff, let’s walk on,

our time is almost all gone,

the urgency is high.

You will never regret it

to go the narrow road.

Soon we will hear the trumpet

for th’heavenly abode.

Our Lord is waiting there.

Vest all your hopes upon Him,

His love will never grow dim,

we are all in His care.

Walk on then brothers, sisters,

He’ll be your faithful Guide.

Ignore your pains and blisters,

for He is on your side.

Soon we will rest a while,

then carry on tomorrow,

anew His path to follow

and go the extra mile.

We will travel together

and walk on, joining hands.

Uplifting one another

to the eternal strands.

We are all one in Him,

no time for disagreement,

to Him we are obedient,

let’s raise a song to Him.

Couragously march onward,

the end is gettting near.

Soon on our journey homeward,

the angels’ song we’ll hear.

Continue then with joy,

our earthly ties grow dimmer,

we’ll see a new dawn’s shimmer,

a new life to enjoy.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Let Us Go On With Haste!

Komt, laat ons voortgaan, kind’ren

Text: J.J.L. ten Kate

English text, a paraphrase in part: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Melody: J.G. Bastiaans. Harmony: Jan van Weelden



Let Us Go On With Haste! Come children, do not tarry EVENING3

Come children, do not tarry Let Us Go On With Haste! EVENING3

Komt, laat ons voortgaan, kind’ren --- Let Us Go On With Haste! --- A para phrase ,in part


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