The Future


We cannot foretell the future, but we know our Lord is there,

trusting then we face tomorrow, 'cause we know we're in His care.

May we follow without question, Father, what You do is right.

Please do walk beside us always, with Your help, our load is light.


Thank You Father for Christ Jesus, for forgiveness free and clear,

for securing our salvation, for the knowledge He was here.

For Your offer of redemption, by Christ's dying on that hill.

After all our disobeying, our Creator loves us still.


Lord, we want to always praise You,

thank You for the love You show,

though we may not comprehend You, real is Your love, we know.

As Your Son, Christ Jesus, promised: Blessed those who do believe

in the Father, Son, and Spirit, though their eyes do not perceive.


Father, guide our daily choices, for should You let us decide,

we would stumble, fall, or falter, unless we in You abide.

Lend Your hand to urge us onward, even in the darkest night,

when we trod a path of sorrows, just Your presence is our light.


One day we'll see all Your glory, when we reach the promised land

and our home that was created by Your omnipotent hand.

Then we may bow down before You, sing Your praises evermore,

all our sorrows changed to gladness, by the God that we adore.


Still we can't foretell the future, nor know we the distant land,

but You know our destination, take our rudder in Your hand.

When life's storms are blowing fiercely, and the waves do us assail,

Lord with You our trusted Skipper, we can never, never fail.


Verses 1 and 4 in part a paraphrase on a hymn by:

Jaqueline van der Waals.

Text: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


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