Halleluia, Join The Chorus


On this happy Easter morning,

sing a song of joyful praise.

Jesus Christ, our Lord, is risen,

evermore with us now stays,

Though in heaven, He is with us,

daily He will be our Guide.

He will send His Spirit to us,

so we will in Him abide.


Once we give our life to Jesus,

His we will forever be.

When we stumble, He is faithful

and from bondage sets us free.

We may live with Him in glory,

praise the Father, praise the Son.

Praise the Holy Spirit always,

Triune God, yet truly One.


Halleluia, join the chorus,

raise to Him a mighty song.

Jesus Christ, He has arisen,

we may all to Him belong.

Heavín and earth will be His Kingdom,

evíry knee for Him will bend.

He will rule this world forever,

then all wars and strife will end.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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