I Owe My All To You!

Before the world in order stood, our Lord God, He was there.

And when our Lord saw all was good, His love was evírywhere.

He made the lilies in the field, bird songs filled the sky.

The earth did all its treasures yield and God was always nigh.

But then, when man left paradise, the world learned how to fear.

And mankind learned to pay the price for being insincere.

Man had to work for daily bread, sickness and death arrived.

Dishonesty and hate inbred, and man was terrorized.

God in His mercy gave man laws, to show him how to live.

But man continued, full of flaws, to God insensitive.

God sent His only Son to earth showing man His love.

Christ came to earth by virgin birth, from His abode above.

But man, foolhardy to the core, rejected Christ, Godís Son.

His backside then was beaten sore and pain, they spared Him none.

Upon a cross He gave His all, one Man Who did not sin.

All this to save man from the fall, to pay for mankindís sin.

Lord Jesus, at Your cross I kneel, I owe my all to You.

Ďt Is to Your grace I now appeal, Iíll daily start anew.

I want to praise You evíry day, just Your disciple be,

for many otherís I will pray, for You to set them free.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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