Haven Of Rest

Oh glorious place where my Saviour resides,

where someday He always at our side abides.

What glory as to Him we sing then our praise,

with all His redeemed ones our anthems may raise.

Refrain for verses 1-3:

Oh place of peace and light,

my eyes and my heart are so drawn to that site.

God’s home of redeemed ones, a haven of rest.

All strive is then ended, all Christians are blest.

All suff’ring and pain is there banned for all time,

for God has replaced tears with gladness sublime.

Your King, oh dear Christians, has gone to that site,

as Groom He will soon come and make us His bride.

With love He awaits us, awake then, awake,

for then in His great joy, you all will partake.

We thank You, our Saviour, that You do prepare,

a place in Your mansion, where You for us care.

With You is our journey quite joyful and bright,

till someday we come to Your heavenly site.

Closing refrain for verse 4:

Oh Lord of Strength and Light,

With You is our journey quite joyful and bright.

Based on a hymn by C.S. Adama van Scheltema.

English paraphrase, in part: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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