A Splendid Place

God's heaven is a splendid place,

splendid place, filled with grace.

Angelic choirs are singing there,

hear that sound, ev'rywhere.

No sin can ever there be found,

abundant joy is all around.

All sinners who to Him confessed,

there are blest, ever blest.

No clouds darken the sky up there,

heav'nly light, oh so fair.

No sorrows dampen there the joy,

oh what joy, oh what joy.

God's love is all triumphant now,

all creatures for His glory bow.

For this the Saviour shed His blood,

precious blood, precious blood.

We're trav'ling to that heav'nly land.

Will you come join our band?

Make music and to Him sing praise,

set our pace for that place.

Millions already went before,

come join us to that heav'nly shore.

Do not delay, the time is now,

call on Him, make your vow.

God's light will guide us on our way,

so we can never stray.

We'll sing His praises on the road,

to that heav'nly abode.

Of sun or moon we have no need,

for now the light of God will lead.

The path of God is good and straight,

to that gate, to that gate.

We'll then will stand around God's throne,

ever home, ever home.

Oh take His cross and join our band,

follow Him, take His hand.

So give your answer here and now,

He soon will you a crown endow.

"Yes, I will join your band and come,

I will come, I will come."

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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