His Call

Matthew 24-25/ Revelation 22

God once made His own creation, but the serpent spoiled His plan.

In that perfect grove of Eden, Satan schemed the fall of man.

Man does not obey his Master, hides in shame from his own Lord.

Pays with death for disobeying, lost in sin and falling short.

God loves man and in His mercy, sent His Son to pay the price

for the wrongs man has committed, and his fall from Paradise.

Long ago He came to save us, with redemption, free, for all.

Yet, in sin and utter darkness, many do not heed His call.

Still the world, in sorrow pining, is pursuing man-made peace,

knowing not that all its trying, will not find: lasting release.

But the Master keeps on calling, yet, there's time, sinner, repent.

For the clock may stop its ticking, soon your time may all be spent.

When you hear the Master calling, oh, you waywards, heed His call,

for the time may soon be nearing, when He'll hear you not at all.

Let there be a great awak'ning, to the truth that He's alive,

that He is not slow in coming, that He soon will claim His bride.

Chains of bondage may still hold you, while His calls you have ignored.

Please, take stock now, soon, or sooner, where your treasures have been stored.

Take His offer of salvation, of eternal life with Him,

for His Spirit is still calling, though the lamps are growing dim.

Soon there will be a new dawning, then the Lord starts His new reign.

His redeemed know of His coming, soon will see His face again.

Then on earth as 't is in heaven, He will have authority.

Your's the choice where you'll be spending, time for all eternity.

When upon that glorious morning, Jesus Christ shall come again,

as the all triumphant Bridegroom, coming for His bride to claim.

Oh, what glory upon glory, shall we witness all around.

Angels herald peace forever, joined by joyful trumpet sound.

Will you hear the trumpets' sounding, join the angels sing His praise?

Or will you avoid your Master, and for Him no anthems raise?

Still He's calling, ever calling, friends, pay heed, it's soon too late.

Answer now and join the chorus, He'll forever seal your fate.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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