Oh Joyous Day

Oh joyous day, when we forever enter

th’ eternal home prepared for us by God.

We’ll then be free from our earthly tormentor,

no longer will our days be filled with fraught.

An end to strife and suffering and quarrel.

An end to tears and all too frequent fear.

Temptations wane and all the things immoral,

then from our lives forever disappear.

Yes, we are grateful for the years He gives us,

the joys we share with family and friends.

The flowers and the birds that sing so joyous

and all of nature that on Him depends.

We thank Him for the ways which we may serve Him,

for the great love that He on us bestows.

The guidance that He gives to ev’ry pilgrim,

the strength He lends for dealing with our foes.

Throughout our lives You have always been faithful,

sustained us even when the chips were down.

Although at times we are of You forgetful,

in Your great love still offer us a crown.

You give us time Your lessons to be learning,

a helpful hand to weather frightful storms.

And with Your help we learn to be discerning

how joyful is just living by Your norms.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Oh Joyous Day *

Text: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Melody: Mid 19th century Descant added

Tune: O blijde dag, waaop wij binnentreden

CD: 198/4 UAM 149 File: JOYOUS-1

Oh Joyous Day * Oh joyous day, when we forever enter JOYOUS-1

Oh joyous day, when we forever enter Oh Joyous Day * JOYOUS-1

O blijde dag, waarop wij binnen treden --- Oh Joyous Day * --- Tune only

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