He'll Be Ruler Of All Nations

We are moving on to Zion,

to the New Jerusalem.

We 're to meet there Juda's Lion,

born a King of Jesse's stem.

He Himself will give us guidance

to the city of His throne.

For 't is He bought our deliv'rance,

He 's our Shepherd, He alone.

None can stop His mighty onslaught,

or the legions He commands.

Adversaries He brings to naught,

no one then His might withstands.

Raise now high your Christian banners,

tell the story all abroad.

Sing to Him your great hosannas,

our Christ Jesus, He is Lord.

He 'll be Ruler of all nations,

all will praise His majesty.

Great and small bring their ovations,

none doubt His authority.

Peace to ev'ry tribe and nation,

who to Him their tribute bring,

singing with great exultation,

loud hosannas to their King.

Heav'n and earth a new creation,

all to glorify His name.

For all time no more temptation,

all His glory to proclaim.

From God's throne flow living waters,

like a river, crystal clear.

And for all God's sons and daughters,

there God's tree of life is near.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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