More Than Just A Show!

Have you considered ev'ry option

of who you are and where you 'll be?

Though you may scoff at all religion

and claim: "The church is not for me!"

How can you know of what you don't?

Or is it simply: "No, I won't!"?

Though you may claim one cannot know God,

you may be sure that He knows you!

Nor can you claim that He is slipshod,

for He made all, including you!

Or do you think He does not know

what you are doing here below?

Can you not see in all creation

the dedication to His work?

Does it not warrant admiration,

the beauty of His handiwork?

He gave you eyes so you can see

and all He gives you is for free!

Do you not care about your projects

and take some pride in what you do?

How do you think your Maker reacts

when there is no respect from you?

Surely He too wants to be known

by all, you too, His very own.

So should you ever want to know Him,

't is in His Word that He reveals.

Read it so you can learn about Him,

that it 's to you He too appeals.

So talk to Him, then soon you 'll know:

God's Church is more than just a show!

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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