Seek His Kingdom First

Matthew 6:25-34

Birds know how to built a nest,

needs they gather, work is blest.

Young they raise with great success,

all is done without duress.

God, their Maker, does supply

as their wings the airwaves ply.

We can from the birds learn:

God will ne'er our trust spurn.

See the lilies in the field,

how they grow and flowers yield.

See how they without a care

with us all their beauty share.

Who gave them their coloured dress

which does all onlookers bless ?

None can to them compare,

none can to them compare.

God, our Lord, has made them grow,

giving joy to us below.

He gave them their coloured crowns,

cheering us in ups and downs.

Why can't we like lilies be,

ever joyful and care free?

Cast your cares upon Him,

cast your cares upon Him.

Vainful man, why can't you trust,

don't you know your God is just?

He knows ev'rything you need,

why can you His voice not heed?

Satisfy His Kingdom first,

not your hunger or your thirst.

He will see to your dress,

and forever will bless.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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