It Is Our Shepherd Who Is Leading

"Tell us pilgrims, where you 're heading,

to a far and distant land?"

't Is our homeland where we 're going,

trusting God and hand in hand.

Over mountains and through valleys,

all the Church of God now rallies.

't Is our Master Who is calling,

calling all His children home.

And His call is quite enthralling,

destiny: our Father's home.

"Storms and darkness may be coming,

are you not afraid alone?"

't Is our Shepherd Who is leading,

we will never be alone.

Our Lord Jesus will be guiding,

He will be our light providing.

Even through the storms and darkness

He will safely bring us home.

Even through the deepest darkness,

we will reach our Father's home.

"Tell us pilgrims what you 'll find there

as your portion in that land."

We will all receive a crown there

and a gown from Jesus' hand.

On His throne we will all see Him

and eternally there praise Him.

With the angels we will serve then:

God, omnipotent, unseen.

With the angels we will praise then

our Creator, always been.

"Tell us pilgrims, may we come too

on your journey to that land?"

Yes, come join us, you are welcome,

come along, give us your hand.

Forward all, no looking backwards,

altogether we go heav'nwards.

Jesus Christ will introduce us,

seated on His Kingly throne,

with the joyous angelsí chorus

welcoming God's children home.

In part a paraphrase on a hymn by: C.S. Adama van Scheltema.

English text: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller.

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