Lord, You are my Lord, and my God


Lord, my sins are ever before me, 

I have transgressed in word and in deed.

But, in Your goodness, You have shown me mercy,

You have redeemed me, I am yours.

Though I was Yours from the beginning,

I thought different, and followed my own way.


I found no light at the end of my road, 

just utter darkness.  I lost my way.

I found no joy on my foolish ways,

just hollow laughter.

I sought earthly pleasures,

and found a void.

I pursued earthly treasures,

but they, too, are meaningless.

I fantasized,

but even my dreams were empty.


I heard Your calling, but hid from You.

Who wants to be straight laced?

Who wants to be straight faced?

When You kept calling, I gave You a feeble answer.

I promised to be faithful, and promptly broke my promise.


Your Word says that You are faithful, and that You will do it.

I am persistent in my ways, but Lord You beat all, You just don't give up.

I conceded, You won!

You promised to be faithful, You kept Your Word.


I now live in tears. Tears of sorrow and tears of joy.

Tears of sorrow, because I sinned against You.

Tears of joy, because You heard my cry.


Only the foolish man seeks pleasure, the wise man seeks God.

True wisdom comes from God, God is wisdom.

Lord, I want to be a wise man, and, with Your help, I will be.

You are my Potter, I am Your clay.


You promised me life, abundant life.

You promised me bread, so I would never hunger.

You promised me water, so I would never thirst.


Why is it that I didn't accept Your promises?

Why did I wait so long?

For yes, Lord, all Your promises are true!


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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