I Have Promised

I've promised You, Lord Jesus, to serve You ev'ry day.

But You must help me always, so I will never sway.

Look at the world around me, it 's hard to keep Your Word,

temptations are a plenty, this world has grown absurd.

I need to know Your presence, to guide me on my way.

I will not fear the battles, if You would with me stay.

Daily I need Your counsel, encouragement and all,

for oft my road is steep uphill, I will be prone to fall.

You know Lord that I meant it, when answering Your call.

And as 't is You that 's faithful, no harm will me befall.

You 'll be there when I falter, and should I cause You pain,

and I confess sincerely, You will forgive again.

Lord, lead me, teach me, shape me, so that one day I 'll be

what You always intended, from sin completely free.

Till then I will keep trying, start ev'ry day anew,

seek You when I am praying, Lord, watch me, oh please do.

Oh Lord, there are so many, who only know Your Name,

when they are short for words, Lord, they speak it then in vain.

Dear Lord, forgive them, yes, forgive, for if only they knew,

but as You said upon the cross, they know not what they do.

Lord, may I be Your witness, to tell the news around,

that You are the Messiah, Your mercies do abound.

Lord, You want all in heaven, to share Your glory there,

and what I know about You, with others I must share.

Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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