Jesus Christ Is King


Have you heard the story,

Jesus Christ arose?

He now lives in glory,

Victor o’er His foes.

Hear the angel’s chorus,

loud hosannas sing:

“Glory in the highest,

Jesus Christ is King.”


Crucified and buried,

for our debts He paid.

Gave His life for sinners

and atonement made.

None can match such friendship,

none can match such love.

Yes, He lives in glory,

reigns us from above.


Yes, we know the story,

Jesus Christ still lives.

And He lives in glory

and He still forgives.

Give your heart to Jesus,

claim Him as your Lord.

He will amply bless you,

give you His reward.


Live with Him forever,

wear a victor’s crown.

Sing to Him your praises

in a pure white gown.

Glory, hallellujah,

Jesus Christ is King.

With the angel’s chorus,

loud hosannaa sing.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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