Redeemer, Friend, Our Hope And Trust


Redeemer, Friend, our hope and trust,

from Your redeemed ones, hear our song,

to You we do our lives entrust,

offer our praises all day long.

We 're done with all our wanderlust,

to You we now belong.

You are our Friend, to us Your grace extend.

Although You are in heaven, we know we are forgiven.

You are our Friend!


Sinners redeemed by You, oh Lord,

while suffering upon a cross.

You gave Your life for us, dear Lord,

how great our gain from Your great loss.

You paid the price for all our sin,

give us a new begin.

You are our song, to You our hearts belong.

All those who to You flee, from bondage You set free.

You are our song!


Our Saviour knows who are His own

and gently leads them to His throne.

So when You hear His mercy call,

know then He gave His life for all!

His calling is for all who 'll come,

not only just for some.

So heed His call, for it is meant for all!

He gave His life so we might live

and all your sins He will forgive.

So heed His call!


We thank You, Lord, for Your great love,

that for a world so lost in sin,

You left Your Father's home above,

to save us and to take us in.

To bring us so much real joy,

Your saving grace employ.

He is our song, we'll praise Him our life long,

praise Him with music and with song,

knowing to Him our hearts belong.

He is our song!


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


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