Hear His Voice, Then You'll Rejoice!


The church? Oh brother, what a turn-off!

No wonder that so many people scoff!

It's full of man-made regulation,

and so much critique and condemnation.

Meetings are mod, but where is God?


And then there is the added danger,

that you may walk in and out a stranger

And be careful not to disagree,

for you may just offend a pharisee!

Socials are mod, but where is God?


My friend, why listen to the chatters?

For 't is but your peace with God that matters!

God is in ev'ry congregation

and through His Son offers all salvation.

And they are there, to praise His care!


You'll always find imperfect people

in God's worship houses with a steeple.

But as they seek, they also will find:

their God in heaven is immensely kind.

For God above, offers His love.


Perfect people have of God no need,

they are a law unto themselves indeed!

And as they sow, they also will reap.

The way out of perdition is quite steep.

Don't follow them, it is a sham!


So many think that good behaviour

will earn their way back into God's favour.

My friend, why won't you hear His message?

Only Christ's shed blood can give you passage.

Open your ear, so you will hear.


There is a message of Good Tidings.

It so loudly through all the ages rings:

God is love, He alone is perfect,

He's the Creator and the Architect.

So hear His voice, then you'll rejoice!


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


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