The Shepherd


Gather all around the Shepherd,

you, His children, hear His voice.

You may stop your searching effort,

come and join us and rejoice.

t Is His hand that hence will guide us,

see the love that He bestows.

Choose for Him and youll be joyous,

t is from Him that blessing flows.


All your needs will be provided,

all is ready, come and eat.

Gave His life, this loving Shepherd,

to make all His own complete.

Ever loving all His children,

praise His care and praise His Name.

All who answer He will pardon,

t is for us to earth He came.


Come now to His verdant pastures,

streams of water, crystal clear.

Who would not prefer such treasures

over barren waste and fear?

Quench your thirst, Hell do the leading,

choose the road where worries cease.

All who answer to His bidding

will find life and glorious peace.


We should all be choosing quickly,

go to Him Who calls our name.

Let us then go to Him humbly

and not court eternal shame.

All our fears He then will silence,

even in the darkest night,

with His everlasting presence,

darkness will give in to light.


In our faith we will grow stronger,

guided by His holy hand.

Earthly trials count no longer,

when were in the promised land.

With His flock we will go onwards,

did He not call us by name?

t Is with Him we will go homewards,

to the place from whence He came.


After a hymn by Leonard Meisser (1808-1865)

English paraphrase: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller



Middelpunt van ons verlangen --- The Shepherd --- Tune only

Schaart U om de Goede Herder --- The Shepherd --- Paraphrase/Translation

Uren, dagen, maanden, jaren --- The Shepherd --- Tune only

The Shepherd

Schaart U om de Goede Herder Gez259

Text: Leonard Meisser (1808-1865)

English paraphrase: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Melody: Hernhutters, 18th century

Same tune: Middelpunt van ons verlangen - Gez51

Uren, dagen, maanden, jaren - Gez292


The Shepherd Gather all around the Shepherd SHEPHRD2

Gather all around the Shepherd The Shepherd SHEPHRD2


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