I Once Was A Stranger


I once was a stranger to God and His grace

and thought all my troubles alone I could face.

A lifetime ahead, all the things I would do,

but found all the glitter was false and untrue.


Still God loved me, still God loves me,

His mercy and grace does evín me now embrace


I once was a stranger to God and His love

and saw not the blessings He sends from above.

He called me and called me, but I would not hear,

avoided His voice even though He was near.


Yes, God loved me, yes, God loves me,

I now hear His voice and in Him may rejoice.


When you hear His calling, oh answer His call,

for when on your own you will stumble and fall.

His grace and His mercy, His love are profound

and He will keep calling until you are found.


Yes, God loves you, yes, God loves you,

so heed soon His voice and you too will rejoice.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


I once was a stranger to God and His grace

I Once Was A Stranger File: STRANGER

Text: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Music: Ira David Sankey (1840-1908)

CD: 174/15 File: STRANGER

Tune: De Heer is mijn licht JdH784

Oh safe to the Rock that is higher than I R348

(Refrain: Hiding in Thee)


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