Oh Child Of God: Be Patient!


Oh child of God, with patience wait

and in the darkest night,

lean with your faith on Him alone

and count then on His might.

Jesus, my Saviour, He cares for me,

sets me from bondage free.

Though storms may come, I do not fear,

for I know He is near.


Oh child of God, your loving Lord

can mediate your doubts.

He will be there, right at your side

and will dispel your clouds.

Jesus, your Saviour, He cares for you

and wants to help you too.

So call on Him, He'll hear your plea,

and set you truly free.


Yes, Jesus Christ, He is our Lord,

our stay here is but short.

Then on a glorious new day

He comes with us to stay.

Our life in Him it never ends,

tell it to all your friends:

that He 's the Way, the Truth, the Life,

there is an afterlife.


Children of God, wait for your Lord,

He's promised to return.

And then He will make all things new

for that all Christians yearn.

Jesus, our Saviour, cares for all

who'll listen for His call.

And His return is getting near,

tell it to all who'll hear.


In part a paraphrase on

an existing hymn of unknown source.

Text: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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