What If?


What if it s true, 'bout God creating

heaven and earth, the universe?

Does it not bear investigating,

a project that is so diverse?

What if it 's true: His ruling yet?

Is it not time you two had met?


What if it 's true we disobeyed Him,

that we were banned from paradise?

What if it s true, we sorely grieved Him,

but He will help in our demise?

What if it 's true: going to heav'n

and that our sins can be forgiv'n?


What if it 's true, 'bout His Son Jesus,

that He for all our sins has paid?

What if it 's true, He came to save us,

that we, through Him, can be remade?

What if it 's true that one can choose,

pray tell, what have you got to lose?


Do you not want to live forever

with God in perfect harmony?

A place where it is peaceful ever?

Would it not be a tragedy,

if 't is all true, but you don't know,

the way to find, the way to go?


You do not need a priest or preacher

or go to find Him in a church.

Jesus Himself would be your Teacher

and help you in your earnest search.

The Son of Man is always near,

ask Him for help, for He will hear.


God made you and wants you to know Him,

that's why He gave His Book to us.

So you yourself can read about Him,

You can with others then discuss.

Rather than just having a look,

ask Him for guidance through His Book.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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