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There are several gifted songwriters and musicians in the Northeast (USA)
that I am privileged to call my friends,
who faithfully use their gifts to bless saints through local worship
services, retreats, coffeehouses, small group gatherings, concerts, etc.

To help make their songs and music ministry
available to a wider audience worldwide,
and to give a much-deserved word of public recognition,
I mention their ministries here...


New Hope Worship Team Members

The New Hope Music Team - November 2004
Bob Nute, Greg Russo, Julie Joyner, Ralph Merrifield,
Beth Ann Russo, Pastor Steve Misarski


Bob Nute, Greg Russo, Beth Anne Russo, Ralph Merrifield, Julie Joyner
(at New Hope Chapel, October 2003)


Ralph and Julie


Ralph and Beth Anne 

Bob and Greg


Julie Joyner

A member of the New Hope Chapel worship team for over 25 years
(since we started the church!);  she often shared special music on
Sunday mornings (often with her children: Ann, Tim and Sam!)
Julie has ministered at many coffeehouses and concerts.
She was one of the lead vocalists on  "We Declare Your Glory"
and recorded a CD "Revive Us" with three of her original songs.

Julie Joyner Song Page

Revive Us        Warm Wind        Rest In Me

Julie also played at a local coffeehouse with the
"New Hope Trio" (Julie, Jim Buccieri and Bob Nute).

The team who recorded "We Declare Your Glory" (1994)
Back Row: Zac Hendricks, Bob Nute, Ron Groleau
From Row: Ralph Merrifield, Dave Wells, Julie Joyner, Ben Morse



Walter Burke

Walter Burke (December 2004)

"Uncle Walter" is a big fan of bagpipes, castles, Disneyworld, country fairs, 
Bill Gaither, trains, bluegrass...
  Even my kids think he's "very cool" !!! 
Before I became a Christian, he and Ginny opened up their home to me 
to play guitar,
  swap original songs, and also let me tag along when
t hey and their kids
gave musical presentations in churches. 
Walter's son, Don, sang on the "Body Builders" recording with me!

Shortly, we will be adding a number of Walter's
original worship choruses to our site !!!


Dave and Wendy Hughes

Dave and Wendy were one of the founding couples of New Hope Chapel
(but they're not as old as this makes them seem!).  Both contribute more
to the Lord's service than space allows me to mention. 
Wendy had faithfully played piano on Sunday mornings "since day one". 
Over the years, she has been central in the Kings Kids Choir,
Christmas presentations and our Junior Church.
Dave, a current elder and periodic Board Chairman,
has played trombone with the New Hope Worship Team.

Over the years, Dave has been a key encourager and participant
in expanding the ministry of New Hope Music.
He also converted all our songs into MP3 format !


Ben Morse

A former worship leader at New Hope Chapel,
Ben shares special music at a number of coffeehouses
and worship services across New England.
He is also one of the lead singers on our recording
"We Declare Your Glory" and has written and recorded
many of his own original songs.

Holly Banks

A former member of the New Hope worship team,
Holly is a gifted songwriter and poet. She plays guitar, mandolin and other instruments.
She and her family are Internet nuts (and I say that in an affectionate way...).
Her daughter Melody joined her on several recordings.


Len Surdel

Len is a humble brother, a pianist and songwriter from Mansfield MA.
His CD "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"
is a collection of 11 original instrumental compositions for children and adults.

Go To Len Surdel's Web Page


Fred Swedburg

Fred plays more instruments than I have fingers and toes !!!
A favorite guest musician at churches and retreats across New England,
he seems to have an endless variety of original songs to share.
Over the years Fred and I have chopped trees together,
refinished floors, picked raspberries and fixed vans
(also swapped a few songs !!!)

May you be as enriched as I have been through
the God-given talents of these friends...

- Ralph Merrifield

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