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All songs written by Ralph P. Merrifield
(except where noted)
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Our first recorded song, "Christmas Round", in 1974

Christmas Round


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Body Builders
1979 - Code BB


In The Knowledge Of Him
1991 - Code IKH


Before The Coming Lord
1992 - Code BCL


For God's Little Lambs
(Scriptural Nursery Rhymes)
Lyrics Only
1992 - Code FLL

Songs Of New Hope
(12  public worship choruses)
Includes free songbook with lyrics & chords
1992 - Code SNH


Lord Of All Ages
(designed for the King's kids!)
1993 - Code LAA

Closest Friends
(songs of spiritual intimacy)
1993 - Code CF

We Declare Your Glory
(Scripture songs of pure praise)
1994 - Code WDG


Quieter Moments
(peaceful songs of reflection)
1995 - Code QM

New Works Of Grace
1999 - Code NWG


I Am Persuaded
2008 - Code IAP

Songs From The Sanctuary
2015-2016 - Code SFS

A collection of 80 MP3s
(66 of our 'older' songs, most have never been recorded)


This Season Of Life
2016-2017 - Code TSL


Redeemed !!
2017 - Code RED


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PLEASE NOTE:  We want you to realize that these are "basement recordings"
(many  played and sung by the author and friends in the back room of a mobile home!! )
We don't have the time and resources to compete with those called of the Master to do this full-time. 
 I have a great deal of respect for those God has commissioned for that specific ministry.

Our budget is roughly $1 for every $500 spent by Integrity and Maranatha.
The tapes & CDs are designed as simple teaching tools
for congregations, worship leaders and other Christian workers