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Softly, with grateful expression
Dedicated to "Don, Jon and Barry"

Thank You for the day that You've just brought me through
All the perfect ways You've met my needs
Though I am unworthy to receive from You,
You've blessed me Lord, how You've blessed me Lord

May my dreams be holy
Tomorrow may I know you in a closer way
How sweet it is to be living in Your presence
Through the day, o o o o o o o o o o o o o o


This song and several others are used 
as background MIDIs on PRAYER LINES web sites


Written as the last contribution to the "Body Builders" tape.
20 years later, I was still singing this bedtime lullaby to my kids!

Recorded on:

"Body Builders"


Media Files

MP3 Recording (1978)   Ralph Merrifield   Evening Prayer
MP3 Recording (2015)   Ralph Merrifield   Evening Prayer
MIDI performance   Adrian V. Miller   Evening Prayer
PDF sheet music   Adrian V. Miller  Evening Prayer
Karaoke File   Johan Miller 

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