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I've always been fascinated with rounds. 
Here is one of my favorites...


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(3 part round, from Galatians 5:22-23)


The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
Patience, kindness and goodness
The fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness,
Gentleness, self-control

Holy Spirit fill me
More like Jesus may I be
Living only for His glory
Telling others about Him

For Jesus is love, joy, peace,
Patience, kindness and goodness
Jesus is faithfulness,
Gentleness, self-control

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
Patience, kindness and goodness
The fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness,
Gentleness, self-control



Ralph Merrifield    MP3    The Fruit Of The Spirit

Ron Tilden    MIDI    The Fruit Of The Spirit

Adrian V. Miller    PDF Sheet Music    The Fruit Of The Spirit

Adrian V. Miller    MIDI    The Fruit Of The Spirit


Bob Martin    MIDI handbell arrangement
The Fruit Of The Spirit  (MIDI)
The Fruit Of The Spirit
  (PDF sheet music)

Listen to of Bob's other handbell arrangements

The Faith Choristers (Singapore)
have sung "The Fruit Of the Spirit" !
See their YouTube video


Beverly Cracknell created a
YouTube video using Ralph's recording of this song.
It has been viewed over 58 thousand times !!



Please let me know how we can get the words/music to the 
children's song - "The Fruit of the Spirit". We are thinking about using it at 
our women's retreat along with the sign language to it. 
(Email from Sherry)


"We will be special music for a women's event held here in Ely. Many women across the northland 
are traveling to meet for a WELCA meeting.  I am going to speak of the joy your music 
has given me personally...  I will mention your name and website too.

The songs tomorrow are "The Fruit Of The Spirit", "Your Grace"... and
"If We Walk in the Light."   
(Karin, from Minnesota)

This song also was used in a Pentecost Pageant


We are doing a Sunday School series about the Fruit of the Spirit. The 
ages are 4 years to about 4th grade... We are also planning on doing 
signs for all the fruits (to show) while we are singing your song.
(email from Tom)

I was looking for a song mentioning the Fruit of the Spirit 
and then I found this classic one of yours! 
Our Sunday School kids enjoyed it - above all, it is 
now positioned on their mind and I am sure 
they won't forget the Scripture verse. 
(Daniel, from India)

We are first grade teachers at a private Episcopal school.  
Our students study the fruit of the spirit, memorizing 
Scripture and prayers monthly.  We are doing a culminating 
activity for our Chapel service and would love to sing your song 
about the fruit of the spirit. 
(Terry & Elizabeth, Trinity School in Texas)


I was so happy to find your song (The Fruit Of The Spirit).
It's great and I'm sure we will be using it for our young ones"
(Lynette,  from Iowa)

"Thank you very much for the song "The Fruit of the Spirit".
I taught it to the children of a nice little homeschool in Austria. 
I want to reprint it..." 
(Samuel, from  Austria)

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful website and lovely music. 
My daughter, Valerie (16), is helping to lead the children's program for a
group of kids in the country of Turkey!  The theme verse is on the fruit of
the spirit.  We were searching the web for songs and crafts when we came
across your site.  Valerie has been practicing the song all week and it's
such a catchy tune that I find myself humming it all the time."
(Sandra, from

We received this e-mail from a member of the
Chinese Evangelical Free Church in Los Angeles, California.

My cell group, named "Fruitful Spirit", will be 1 year old this June
and we will have a celebration this month. 
Your song, "The Fruit Of The Spirit" is exactly our group discipline:
"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."
We would like to use this song to be our group song
and sing it at our 1st anniversary celebration.


...  I am the lay chaplain at the Good Shepherd  Episcopal School in Dallas.
We are a Pre-k/8th grade school with approx. 585 students. We are producing a
“Home Grown” music recording of all the grade levels singing some of their favorite
chapel songs.… our goal is to produce 250 CD’s. We would love to include  
your song
"The Fruit of the Spirit" in our recording.  (Rhonda, from Texas)

Here is a note of appreciation for the 3 part round song you composed called
The Fruit of the Spirit." I learned it when I was in school and now I am
currently teaching school and I am teaching it too my students.
(Loren, from Oregon)


Recorded on:       "In The Knowledge Of Him"


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