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A simple song of personal and corporate
commitment to obedience

I will walk in the ways of the Lord
I will walk in the ways of the Lord
In the ways of the Lord, our God
Forever and forever

2. I will walk in the truth of the Lord...

3. Let us walk in the love of the Lord...

4. We will walk in the ways of the Lord...


Recorded on "New Works Of Grace"


Translated into Dutch by 
Johan Komrij, from the Netherlands
Dutch translation

Translated into Afrikaans by
Liz Van Heerden, from South Africa
Afrikaans translation

Translated into PortuguÍs (Brasil) by 
Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil
PortuguÍs (Brasil) translation

Translated into the Urdu language
by Samson Ayaz , from Pakistan
Urdu translation

Hear this song in Urdu !!
Version 1  Version 2



I preached on Sunday past at my Salvation Army Corps. 
The corps officers were on furlough so the congregation managed the service.

Kevin (wonderful tenor voice) sang
"I Will Walk" as
special music, accompanied by a pianist. ... one of the worship team 
said that your beautiful song will be heard often in our corps... 
Your music blessed the congregation and God was exalted. 

Kevin asked the congregation to sing the last verse with him 
as a group testimony to God and they did, in very humbled and moved voices.
Your song settled my nerves and re-focused me upon our Master in the
moments before I stood to preach His Word.  

When (I get) married, in the Lord's time, "I Will Walk" 
will probably be our recessional song.    I have taken it as my motto...

(Karen, from Canada)

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I Will Walk

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MIDI arrangements
I Will Walk (fast tempo)
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I Will Walk (medium tempo)
I Will Walk (slowest tempo)


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MIDI performances of
I Will Walk

NH-Walk-1(DM) I Will Walk.mid

NH-Walk-1(DM)SB2 I Will Walk.mid


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PDF Sheet Music of
I Will Walk
(Acrobat Reader 5.0 version)

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MIDI arrangement of
I Will Walk


by Johan Komrij, from the Netherlands

Version 1


Version 2




Here's how Richard Garber describes his MIDI arrangement:

...  First I laid the basic rhythm and percussion tracks with
Band In The Box using Dance1. Then I added my own tracks
while modifying the Band In The Box tracks somewhat. With
"I Will Walk",  I approached it as kind of a thematic round
with the strings and brass swooning behind the melody.
In the third verse they join up together and finish up
roundly while repeating the last verse for effect.

Richard Garber


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