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The God Of Jerusalem
(Deuteronomy 33:26-27)
Key of Em, a lively Messianic chorus


There is none like the God of Jerusalem
He descends from the heavens above
With majestic splendor to help us
with His strength, with His might, with His power

Eternal God, our Refuge
Eternal God, our Rock
We find rest in the God of Jerusalem
In His everlasting arms

(repeat to beginning)


Recorded on "New Works Of Grace"



A special thanks to InHymn.com
for including this song on their wonderful site

"I really enjoyed 'The God Of Jerusalem'... 
I am looking for some up-beat praise and worship songs
for a recording I intend to do". 

Judith, from Kentucky)

Written while sitting beside a fire while camping
at Miles Standish State Park in Plymouth MA.

"As The Trees" and "Glory To The Righteous One"
were also written at this campground.


Translated into Afrikaans by
Liz  from Cape Town, South Africa
God van Jerusalem

Translated into Portuguęs (Brasil) by 
Daniel Borges, from Brazil   
O Deus de Jerusalem


Translated into French by
Aurélie from France


I play guitar and sing with a group called, "Azuza." You can see our 
Web site at:  
http://www.azuza.org  ...  I came across your song, 
"The God of Jerusalem," on the Internet. It has a very nice Messianic sound. 
We are interested in recording the song. 
(Lee, from Florida)

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The God Of Jerusalem


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PDF Sheet Music of
The God Of Jerusalem

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MIDI arrangement of
The God Of Jerusalem


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The God Of Jerusalem


by Johan Komrij, from the Netherlands


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creative and wonderful

MIDI arrangement

Here's how Richard Garber describes his MIDI arrangement:

...  First I laid the basic rhythm and percussion tracks with
Band In The Box using Dance1. Then I added my own tracks
while modifying the Band In The Box tracks somewhat...  In the song
"The God Of Jerusalem", I started off with a MIB (Men In Black)
 pizzicato backdrop to the oboe and clarinet squabbling (just as
I remember Jewish folks always squabbling over something!)
in the 1st verse. The strings come in maintaining some order
and settling down the cantankerous pizzicato strings to
something more appropriate. However all you know what breaks
loose in the third verse with everyone including my well mannered
strings breaking ranks and going there own way. The clarinet
finally beats all with his glissando exit into the last stinger
done en masse by the orchestra. It's not big band, but it is noisy!

Richard Garber

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