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(For All Who Are In Bondage)

CHORUS:  We are free in Jesus.   Free from death, fear and shame
Christ has paid our ransom.  Raised us up, now to live for Him.

1)    Serving one true Master. He called us by name.
Cherished, loved and treasured.  Covered by His grace.
We have been adopted.  Children of the King.
Chosen, precious, honored.  This is why we sing…  (chorus)

2)    Through these days of darkness we are not alone.
Jesus shares our burdens, shelters us from harm.
All our cares and sorrows, these will fade away.
Blessings for our future, peace and strength,
Peace and strength,  peace and strength today…  (chorus)

Raised us up, now to live for Him



Media Files

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video with vocal    We Are Free

Ralph Merrifield    MP3 Recording    We Are Free

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video (version 1)    We Are Free

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video (version 2)    We Are Free

Bob Sorem    MIDI arrangement    We Are Free

Richard Garber    Sheet Music    We Are Free

Leif Thiborg    MIDI arrangement    We Are Free

Leif Thiborg    MP3 arrangement    We Are Free

Ralph Merrifield   Lyric Sheet   We Are Free

Ralph Merrifield   Chord Sheet   We Are Free

Jay Droz   MP3 Performance   We Are Free

Jay Droz   Background Track   We Are Free


An evangelist in Pakistan tells me that they are
allowed to lead Bible Studies and meet the physical needs
of poor Christians who live in the 'Brick Places' slums
but are forbidden by slave owners from sharing the
Biblical teachings about freedom and human rights.

This song was written while reflecting on the true
God-given freedom and dignity that we have in Christ.


Slavery: A 21st Century Evil - Bonded Slaves

'Brick Places' slavery

More about these modern day slaves

Pictures of the Brick Places in Pakistan





"We Are Called" is another song that challenges us
to lift the burdens of those in need


Writing out the sheet music


Written by Ralph Merrifield, completed 6/9/16

Copyright 2016, newhopemusic.com


Ralph Merrifield


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