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Encouraging people around the world since 1991 !!


Words Of Encouragement


A note from Graham Kendrick...

"Ralph and I have enjoyed several chats on the telephone 
about worship and worship songs....  
He's a great enthusiast and very keen to serve all those 
involved in facilitating the worship of the churches.  
I met him over in Boston... whilst ministering at the Vision New England 
Conference and was intrigued to hear all about his vision for New Hope Music.

This website has become a popular stopping off place 
for those seeking resources for worship leaders and 
church music groups, as well as individuals 
seeking encouragement on their own spi
ritual journeys.   Enjoy!"

"...your music is so heavenly that comes
from the depth of your heart because of
your love for your Savior Lord...  
It's so spirit filled. Every song and chorus
has a unique tune. All glory to God! 
Many generations to come will sure sing
these songs uplifting the name of Jesus"
(Daisy,  from California)


"Your style of songs is my kind of worship"
(Mike,  from Texas)

"As the only pastor of a small church, 
I struggle finding music that is tasteful and worshipful.  
I praise God that I found your website."  
(Pastor Larry, from Indiana)

"Thank you for writing music that is easy to learn 
and appeals to all generations"

(Cindy,  from Florida)

"I have shared some of your music with our choir, 
made up of mostly youth from our parish.  Thank you. 
Your music inspires and brings new hope to all of us..." 

(Bertha,  from


"It's rare to find a beautiful site like this... I feel I've found a treasure...
I've been listening to your music for some time now... it's excellent."

(Charles,  from

"Many thanks for uploading such a wonderful collection
of praise & worship music. 
I am in a relatively remote place of Saudi , closer to Yemen" 
(Yusuf,   from Saudi Arabia)

"Every time I hear a New Hope song
being played during our worship,  the one thing I sense is purity.
This is pleasing to the Lord."
(Linda,  from New Hampshire)

"I couldn't keep myself from listening to your music...
I didn't notice it's almost morning!
It's God who led me to your site...
He knows I need spiritual strengthening and
your music just brings me into HIS presence. Thank you so much
for touching people's lives like mine."

(Gie,  from the Philippines)


"I have used some of your songs with the junior choir
and they love them to bits to say the least...
the kids are enjoying your songs tremendously!"
(Liz,  from South Africa)

WOW!! Thanks a zillion for blessing the church of our Lord Jesus
with such joyous and reverent and biblical lyrics set to such great music.
I went absolutely NUTS at your
(Pastor Ajit, from
Sri Lanka


"Our friends love your songs.  They're simple to learn with a great message."
(Kay,  from Scotland)