All Hail Immanuel


His name will be Immanuel,

a Prince of Peace and power.

He will be crowned the King o’er all,

His Kingdom not this world.

Our Lord will rule the heav’ns and earth,

all hail Immanuel and praise our glorious King,

the Prince of Peace, all hail, all hail the King,

all hail Immanuel.


Peace on earth, goodwill to man,

praise be to God, His peace with us.

Peace on earth, goodwill to man,

hail the King, Immanuel.

Glorious King of the universe,

all men will bow to Your majesty.

Glorious Prince of Peace.

All men will see Your majesty,

the Prince of Peace, Immanuel.

Peace on this earth, praise be to God,

the Prince of Peace, Immanuel.

Glory, our triumphant King,

all hail Immanuel.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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