Christ Is Risen Now!

John 20: 1-18, a paraphrase


Early in the morning,

first day of the week,

Mary, still in mourning,

went her Lord to seek.

She brought spices to anoint,

Jesus' body to appoint.

Coming to the entry,

found the tomb empty.

Jesus' body wasn't there

to her great despair.

Angels now were sitting

where His body was.

"Why then are you weeping?"

"He 's gone, that 's because!"

Turning she saw Jesus then

and He too asked her again:

"Woman why do you weep,

who is it you seek?"

"He 's been taken away,

tell me where, I pray!"


"Mary!", said the Master.

Mary knew it then

that He was her Master,

He arose again.

"Go and tell to all our friends,

soon their Lord to God ascends.

I will to them appear,

ere I part from here.

You go now and tell them

in Jerusalem.


Hallelujah, glory,

Christ is risen now.

Yes, that is my story:

I have seen Him now.

He came back to see His friends,

ere He to Godís thone ascends.

Christ, our Lord, is glorious

and He spoke to me,

over death victorious,

glory, glory be.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


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