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Leif Thiborg (Sweden)


I'm Leif Christer Thiborg, 56, a glad person from Sweden.
Musician, poet, artist and runner, who likes to honor God with my music 
(from Leif, January 2009)


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Ralph Merrifield songs

We Are Free (MP3)

We Are Free (MIDI)

My God, My Rock

I Have Called You

To The Rock  (version 1)

To The Rock (Version 2)

I Will Lift Up My Eyes

Speak Lord

I Am Satisfied

New Every Morning 
(with Debbie Stewart)

In My Father's Hands

Come To Me
(with Debbie Stewart)

I Am Persuaded

Magnify The Lord With Me

Abba Father

And This I Pray


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All songs copyright Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share these song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(web site background, recordings, corporate worship, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!

If any of you have the time and resources to create MIDI files,
I'm looking for people to help arrange
100+ more New Hope songs!

Ralph Merrifield's E-mail

My general approach for background/accompaniment MIDIs is

1) Use a brief Intro
2) Keep the melody out front, but the accompaniment interesting enough to support it.  Descants, countermelodies and a variety of instruments are fun!
3) Have sufficient repeats to cover all verses.  OK to use an occasional, brief interlude between verses.
4) When appropriate, repeat the chorus at the end.
5) A simple ending after the last verse/chorus helps wrap things up...

Yes, it's a very basic approach, but these MIDIs serve well as backgrounds on our web sites, and as accompaniment in group singing around the world.  They are also popping up all around the Internet!

Other types of arrangements of our songs are encouraged (classical, jazz, SATB), and each finds its place in our web sites.


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