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The background MIDI for this page is a new 
choir arrangement of "He Shall Be Called" by Fred Scorza

written by Ralph Merrifield,

Several New Hope Music carols & hymns, 
including this one, can be found on

"A Christmas Carol Treasury: The Hymns And Carols Of Christmas."


Translated into Finnish by
Lea  (Helsinki, Finland)

Lea's choir in Helsinki
performed this song in Finnish!!


Here are the words in Finnish, with the English translation of the Finnish words:



Jeesus Hän on Ihmeinen

Ihmeellinen Neuvoja, / Wonderful Counselor,
Väkevä Jumala, / Almighty God
Iankaikkinen Isä, / Everlasting Father
Rauhanruhtinas. / Prince of Peace

Hän on Jeesus, / He is Jesus
Hän synneistä meidät pelastaa. / He saves us from our sins
Jumala kanssamme, / God with us
Immanuel. / Immanuel

Jeesus Hän on Ihmeinen / Jesus, He is wonderful
Neuvoja, Jumala, / Counselor, God
Iankaikkinen Isä, / Everlasting Father
Rauhanruhtinas. /Prince of Peace

Hän on Jeesus, / He is Jesus
synneistä Hän pelastaa. / He saves us from sins
Jumala kanssamme, / God with us
Immanuel, / Immanuel
Jumala kanssamme, / God with us
Immanuel. / Immanuel

Palvomme Sinua, / We adore you
Ihmeinen Neuvoja, / Wonderful Counselor
Väkevä Jumala, / Almighty God
Rauhanruhtinas. / Prince of Peace

Oi rakas Jeesus, / Oh dear (beloved) Jesus
synneistä meidät pelastat. / You save us from our sins
Jumala kanssamme, / God with us
Immanuel, / Immanuel
Jumala kanssamme, / God with us
Immanuel. / Immanuel

Ihmeellinen Jeesus, / Wonderful Jesus
Rauhanruhtinas. / Prince of Peace



I first heard of the translation through the following e-mail...


Hi Ralph!

I am just an ordinary choir member in a Greater Grace Church in Helsinki, Finland. 
I was looking for free Christmas music in Internet and found your pages (via Google) and there I found this wonderful song "He Shall Be Called".

I was so surprised to find there the notes and the choir arrangement and also it was great to hear the music.  I just fell in love with this song, music and words, which are from the Bible and lift Jesus up.

Then after printing the notes and listening the music several times I sent a text message with my mobile phone to my best friend who is a piano teacher and who has arranged a lot of songs for our hospital choir. I said to her that I have found a wonderful song in internet. She sent back to me a message, where she said "great, we just need words in Finnish".

Then same evening I started to look at the words and the Finnish translation was completed in one hour. Next day I brought the notes and the Finnish words to her and she rewrote the notes for our choir on two pages. And after 3 days we presented the song to our choir and now we are practicing it for our Christmas meeting and for our New Years seminar. And by the way our choir loves the song!

The Finnish language is very different from English. Our words are much longer and it is a little difficult to fit the words into the music, but I think the translation is fine. I understood that translations to different languages would be allowed. So if you allow us to perform this song in Finnish, we would be happy to sing it..

I'd be happy about your comment to this e-mail. If you want to know more about us, please just ask.

God bless you richly!

Lea - in Helsinki, Finland


Lea's follow-up email in December 2002

We sang "He Shall Be Called" in our Christmas meeting last Sunday and it was great!  Our pastor spoke in our morning meeting about Immanuel, God with us, how God wants to communicate with us from face to face. And in the Christmas meeting he spoke about the Blood and about the cross, how Jesus was born to die for us.  So your song and the words were in the same anointing as the Christmas messages...   we will do it again...  after Christmas, when we are having our New Year's seminar.

I've been so  blessed to hear your songs, which I found at your web-pages.  I like especially your songs, "Song To My Shepherd", "How Awesome Is This Place", "Search Me, O God", "Abba, Father" and also Julie Joyner's song "Rest In Me".

These songs have ministered me so much during this busy time before Christmas.  Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Body of Christ in this wonderful way.  Special greetings to Julie, she has a lovely singing voice!

It's a great honor that you put my Finnish translation of "He Shall Be Called" to your web-pages.  I hope that it would draw some people to Christ...

We took some pictures in the Christmas meeting, but they are not developed yet.  I'll post the whole package to you later, also the handwritten notes of the Finnish 2-page choir-version.

God is so merciful and faithful to us.  What a great life in Jesus we have!



English Version: Lyrics, MIDI, MP3, PDF sheet music


Copyright 1991, Ralph Merrifield,
New Hope Music, P.O. Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581 USA


Thank you for your help in sharing this song with
our brothers and sisters in Finland ...

- Ralph Merrifield