by Ralph Merrifield

This Christmas carol has traveled the world for 30+ years!!!


[KARAOKE VIDEO with vocal]


C                            F                 G                 C
He shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God
Am                          Dm7            G                           C
He shall be called Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
F     G           C               Dm        G            C                   C7
His name is Jesus, for He will save His people from sin
F     G             C      Am  Dm  G             C   
His name Immanuel,        God with man

C                       F                G                  C
Jesus is called Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God
Am                    Dm7            G                           C
Jesus is called Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
F     G           C          Dm      G               C                  C7
His name is Jesus, for He saves His people from sin
F     G            C      Am  Dm7  G              E
His name Immanuel,          God with man
F     G            C      Am  Dm7   G             C        A7
His name Immanuel,           God with man

D                                  G                 A                
We praise Your name Wonderful Counselor, 
        Almighty God
Bm                               Em7              A                          D
We praise Your name Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
G    A             D         Em         A               D                   D7
We love You Jesus, for You save Your people from sin
G    A                  D     Bm   Em7     A              F#
We love You Immanuel,             God with man
G     A                 D     Bm   Em7   A          D
We love You Immanuel,       God with man


Copyright 1990, Ralph Merrifield.
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

You have our encouragement and permission to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes (ie. corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, web sites, give-away copies).  Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!


This carol has been sung by many choirs, worship teams and soloists around the world since 1991, with music requests coming from:

Guatemala, New Zealand (Hamilton, Dunedin and Timaru), Massachusetts, Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Calgary, Saskatchewan and rural Alberta), India, Washington, Bahrain, Georgia, Delaware, Michigan, Virginia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Nevada, England, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, South Africa, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, West Virginia, Finland, California, South Dakota, Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio... Praise God!!!

East Parade Church Choir in Bangalore, India - Christmas 2011

Hear them sing "He Shall Be Called"
Watch a video of their performance

Sung by children choirs in Pakistan.


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Sound Files

He Shall Be Called (original version, sung by Ralph Merrifield)

SATB Choir Accompaniment Track (MIDI) created by Fred Scorza (the background MIDI on this page)

SATB Choir Accompaniment Track (MP3) created by Fred Scorza (the background MIDI on this page)


MIDI (worship version) created by Elton Smith

MIDI (country style) created by Elton Smith


Hear Jay Droz sing this song (English Version)

Flip Jonkman Piano MP3

Adrian V. Miller's MIDI performance

He Shall Be Called (Key of C)

He Shall Be Called (Key of B flat)

He Shall Be Called (Key of A)

Karaoke Videos by Johan Komrij  (from the Netherlands)

Improved version  https://youtu.be/esRf5VYfwjE

Improved version with vocal 


Normal version   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-stSCUC2D8


Country version   https://youtu.be/Gqq7iSODRCo


Country version with vocal   https://youtu.be/DfRsDYY6Ri8


Sheet Music -  Created by Fred Scorza

SATB Choir Arrangement (PDF)

Worship Team Lead Sheet (PDF)

SATB Choir Arrangement (PDF)

Worship Team Lead Sheet (PDF)

Sheet Music -  Created by Johan Komrij

He Shall Be Called


Sheet Music -  Created by Adrian V. Miller

He Shall Be Called (Key of C)

He Shall Be Called (Key of B flat)

He Shall Be Called (Key of A)


Finnish:  A choir in Helsinki,Finland is singing this in Finnish!

Russian:  Download the Russian sheet music for this song!

Romanian:  View a Romanian version on youtube.com

Spanish & German:  A missionary in Guatemala translated it into Spanish and German!

Spanish:  Hear Jay Droz sing it in Spanish

Português:  Translated by Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil Português (Brasil) translation

Urdu:  Translated by Samson Daniel, from Pakistan  Urdu translation

Korean:  Translated by Daniel Ko, from California Korean translation

Afrikaans:  Translated by Liz Van Heerden, from South Africa Afrikaans translation

Hindi:  Translated by Daisy Augustine, from California Hindi translation

Polish:  Translated by Jay Droz, from Florida Polish Translation

Polish:  Hear Jay Droz sing it in Polish


East Parade Church Choir in Bangalore, India - Christmas 2011

C.S.I. Redeemer Church, Annanagar, Chennai, India

Mateer Memorial Church Choir. Trivandrum, South India

Nazerene Choir singing "He Shall Be Called"

CSI Hudson valley congregation NY carol 2007

Sung on a TV program by the Cadet Sisters !


This song is now included in the Cyber Hymnal

Several New Hope Music carols & hymns, including this one, can be found on "A Christmas Carol Treasury: The Hymns And Carols Of Christmas."

Recorded on: "In The Knowledge Of Him"

Two choirs from Bishop Lavis, Cape Town (South Africa) sent me a recording of them singing seven New Hope Music songs!  Thank you!!!

Click the link to listen to their recording of this song (MP3 format) "He Shall Be Called" Junior Choir.

Here's a picture of our children singing your song "He Shall Be Called"

Janet, from New Boston, Ohio

After listening to SATB arrangement from your site, I selected two of your beautiful Carols "He Shall Be Called" and "The Baby Of Bethlehem" and presented by my Choir during the Christmas programmes in December 2003 and 2004. These were the best enjoyed among the seventeen carols we presented.

The tune and arrangement were indeed exceptional and the effort is really commendable. May God bless you and let you create more such carols to enable attracting many souls to His Kingdom.

K.M.Thomas, Choir Director, CNI Immanuel Church, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, India


I originally wrote "He Shall Be Called" in December 1988 (based on the nativity accounts in Isaiah 9:6 and Matthew 1:21-23) while sitting at my kitchen table in our small 5 room house in Milford MA.

In 1990 (in the back room of Dave Wells' mobile home!), we included it on our first recording "In The Knowledge Of Him". I sang and played guitar, while my friend, Bob Nute, accompanied with electronic percussion. You can hear this recording by clicking on the MP3 link above.

Our home church has been using this song as a public worship chorus for years.

Thank you for the "He Shall Be Called" music.  Our choir at St Luke United Methodist Church sang it the first Sunday in Advent for our anthem.  The congregation liked it so well, I decided for us to sing it (1st verse) as a Call to Worship, which we are doing every Sunday for the Advent season.  We have a young man who plays the guitar along with the piano. The congregation loves to sing it! Attached is a picture of our choir singing the song on November 27, 2005.

Patty, Choir Director from South Carolina


A special thanks to Elton Smith (Texas) for making two MIDI versions of "He Shall Be Called" (our first arrangements!) available on several of his marvelous web sites. Several web sites use this arrangement as background, including one in Alaska! He's also done an arrangement of "Splendor and Majesty", "Mighty One" (in English and Spanish), and "How Awesome Is This Place". Songs Of Praise Web Site

In 1999, Leona Plymate (Oklahoma) included the song in a musical she wrote, "A Christmas Gift Sent Special Delivery" and I received several e-mails from saints across the nation 
who have used it in their Christmas programs.

During the summer of 2000, Fred Scorza (Pennsylvania) completed his lead sheet of the song (vocal, chords and piano) and his SATB choir arrangement. Fred has also arranged several other NHM songs.

Lassen Technologies now includes this song on their web site along with several others of ours.

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Only Immanuel knows His plan for "He Shall Be Called". He will open the doors He wants opened, and close the doors He wants closed. Halleluiah !!

Thank you for the part you have in sharing this song with others.

Ralph Merrifield

Listen to this Song:

I am so happy to tell you that our church choir, consisting of 70 members, is singing your composition “He Shall Be Called”. What a lovely song! Let Immanuel give you more blessings this Christmas time.

I am sure that this tiny Baby born in your heart can recharge your talent for composing more and more songs for His praises.

Mathew, from New Delhi, India 

I'm a graduate of Yerevan State Conservatory from Composition and Symphonic - Operatic Conducting departments and the choir director of N.E.S.T. (Near East School of Theology) 
in Beirut. For the Christmas concert, our group ( piano and a choir of 15) will have the privilege to perform your beautiful song "He Shall Be Called".... (the national premier !! ) 

As a professional conductor, I am doing my best to ... have a performance 
of grand musicality. Thank you... for being gracious to let the world enjoy this song of worship and glory. 

Garo, from Lebanon

I have just been listening to HE SHALL BE CALLED...  
it is so anointed!  I am a British missionary in Guatemala and would love to teach the locals this both in English and Spanish. May I have your permission to translate this into Spanish?   
Wow I could just imagine our children's choir singing this! 

Jeff - Final Harvest Ministries in Guatemala

Wow! I really love this song... you have a fantastic beat and sense of joy that is wonderful for the Christmas season!  This song would be wonderful for our candle lighting each week.  
You have really made my  day... 


I just fell in love with the music and words, which are from the Bible and lift Jesus up...   

We sang "He Shall Be Called" in our Christmas meeting last Sunday and it was great!  

Our pastor spoke in our morning meeting about Immanuel, God with us, how 
God wants to communicate with us from face to face. And in the Christmas meeting he spoke about the Blood and the cross, how Jesus was born to die for us. So your song and the words were in the same anointing as the Christmas messages...

Lea, from Finland

I am the choir director of Millennium Methodist Church, Secunderabad, India. I used your song& 'He Shall Be Called' two years back in our
Christmas program and I am planning to use some for this upcoming Palm Sunday/Good Friday/Easter Season.

Sunil,from India

I am ... a Music Teacher in St. Francis Anglo Indian Girls High School in Coimbatore. I decided to teach "He Shall Be Called" and "You Gave Us Hope" to our school children for Christmas Carol 2007. As we began our practices, our children were moved by
the Spirit of the Lord and they told me that they felt
peace, joy and happiness.

It is truly uplifting music and an inspiration from the Holy Ghost to you. God wants you to be an instrument in His hands to do this marvelous work to
build His kingdom here on this earth.

Charles, from India)