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by Ralph Merrifield

Present: Luke 2, Matt 1-2, John 1
Past: Isaiah, Micah 5:2
Future: Revelation

A contemporary Christmas carol, focusing on the overwhelming,
awesome gift God gave to us through Jesus

Anointed One, Messiah, Lord
Savior, Christ, Good News, Great Joy
Eternal God, now dwelling with man
The Baby of Bethlehem, the Baby of Bethlehem

Immanuel, the Holy Son
Shepherd, Ruler, Mighty One
Descended to Earth, according to plan
The Baby of Bethlehem, the Baby of Bethlehem


            With angels we sing Your glory
            With shepherds we give God praise
            With wisemen we come before You
            To worship You all our days !

The Word, now flesh, in Him is life
One and Only, shining Light
Full grace and truth, we now understand
The Baby of Bethlehem, the Baby of Bethlehem

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Wonderful Couns'lor, King of Kings
No end there will be to Your increase
The Baby of Bethlehem, the Baby of Bethlehem


Alpha and Omega, Master and Friend
All in all, Forgiver of sin
Creator, Designer, Beginning and End
The Baby of Bethlehem, the Baby of Bethlehem

All glory, honor, blessing and strength
Wisdom, power, mercy and grace
Past, present and future contained in His hands
The Baby

         The Baby of Bethlehem

History & Testimonies

Several New Hope Music carols & hymns, including this one, can be found on "A Christmas Carol Treasury: The Hymns And Carols Of Christmas."

It is also included on several other Christmas sites, Cyberhymnal & Songs Of Praise.

Also used on the Pennsylvania Visitor's Network Christmas site

Choirs from India, South Africa, Canada, Finland and across the USA have sung this carol. Thanks!

Here is one picture of us. It was taken for a week ago in the hall of Jorvi Hospital. It's a big hospital in Espoo, a city close to Helsinki...

We are going to visit hospitals and old people's homes twice a month and once a month we sing in the church service... We have two new songs of yours in our program:"Your Are Awesome God" and "The Baby of Bethlehem".

We are planning to sing "The Baby of Bethlehem" in the Christmas meeting of our church and perhaps in our New Year's conference... This song is so majestic!

Lea, from Finland


After listening to SATB arrangement from your site, I selected two of your beautiful Carols "He Shall Be Called" & "The Baby Of Bethlehem" and presented by my Choir during the Christmas programmes in December 2003 and 2004. These were the best enjoyed among the seventeen carols we presented. The tune and arrangement were indeed exceptional and the effort is really commendable. May God bless you and let you create more such carols to enable attracting many souls to His Kingdom.

K.M. Thomas, Choir Director, CNI Immanuel Church, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, India


Watch a wonderful performance in Italy, by Ukrainian singer Halena Hromek  YouTube Video

A wonderful recording (in Finnish!) by a church choir in Helsinki, Finland  Recording

Translated into the Dutch language by Johan Komrij (the Netherlands) Dutch Translation

Translated into the Urdu language by Samson Ayaz (Pakistan) Urdu translation

Translated into Português (Brasil) by Daniel Borges, (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Português translation

Translated into Finnish by Lea Alaja (Helsinki, Finland) Finnish translation

Translated into Afrikaans by Liz Van Heerden (South Africa)  Afrikaans translation

Arrangements & Performances

David Bentley and the Living Waters Orchestra (Richard Garber) released two beautiful vocal/instrumental recordings of "The Baby Of Bethlehem".

David Bentley v1

David Bentley v2


Michael L. Jester's MIDI arrangement of The Baby Of Bethlehem


Johan Komrij, from the Netherlands

KARAOKE VIDEO - with vocal




Adrian V. Miller's
MIDI performances:

The Baby Of Bethlehem (Key of C)

The Baby Of Bethlehem (Key of D)

The Baby Of Bethlehem (Key of G)


Adrian V. Miller's PDF Sheet Music

The Baby Of Bethlehem (key of C)

The Baby Of Bethlehem (key of D)

The Baby Of Bethlehem (key of G)


Flute duet, using our MIDI as accompaniment, The Baby Of Bethlehem


Richard Garber has offered three MP3 accompaniment tracks for "The Baby Of Bethlehem"

Full orchestra with piano

Full orchestra without piano

Piano only

Rich Garber's description of his arrangement:

When I first listened to "The Baby of Bethlehem" MIDI, and then read the lyrics, I was struck by the majesty of His master plan... Such a ceremonial event that our Savior for all eternity should wrap Himself in a simple child. The inspiration of the moment led me to think the arrangement should be joyous, ceremonial and majestic though a baby is so small.

Celestial strings trumpet the start the arrangement and a tympani crescendo ushers in the melody. Upper strings dance about the melody giving way to a stately chorus upheld by pompous brass.

In the second stanza the lower strings do a pizzicato tip-toe countering the upper string dance while percussion beat out a march like cadence.

In the third stanza all joy breaks loose and the brass sing out their own anthem in tribute to Him. Bells toll the tiny victorious king as all evil soon will be defeated by His hand and the music speaks of a hope and joy when we will reign triumphantly with Him in a final salvo of tribute and frenzy.

Copyright 2002,  Ralph Merrifield (Written 12/23 - 12/31/00)
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

You have our encouragement and permission to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes (ie. corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, web sites, give-away copies). Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks!!!

Listen to this Song:

Ralph... your hymns and songs are great. I think "The Baby of Bethlehem" will one day be a standard Christmas carol across the English speaking world. It is that good!!!

John, from Australia

I just discovered your website and your beautiful music and I'm so delighted! It's so wonderful and worshipful!. I direct a small choir of 18 people and we are planning to use "The Baby of Bethlehem" as part of our Christmas program this year.

Myra, from Montana

I just wanted to commend and congratulate you on a WONDERFUL song, "The Baby Of Bethlehem". We will be using it in our Christmas Eve
services this year...

Lutheran Church in Michigan

I have been sharing your music and website with others... A young man that just started college this year is planning on singing
"The Baby of Bethlehem" when he comes home at Christmas time.

Janet, from Ohio

Praise God for the song "The Baby of Bethlehem". I downloaded the song from your website and a couple of us played the song on guitars at our Christmas Eve service. The words and music were a blessing to our congregation.
I am from the Brethren in Christ church...

Rick, from Ontario Canada

I was looking for some music pieces that I could teach our
school choir this year. I just so happen to stumble upon some of your songs. I really enjoy the songs "The Lord's Prayer", am totally hooked on to listening to "The Baby of Bethlehem", and I am looking at a few more of your pieces as well. I am looking forward to playing and teaching your songs.

Sharon, from Ontario Canada

I have been blessed. I found "The Baby Of Bethlehem" and thought that was sooooo beautiful!  I had to pleasure to play "The Baby Of Bethlehem" for a church in a county North of me and the church paid me a good amount... I donated it right back to the church. I play flute and... am starting a lot of professional performance in churches... Keep up the great work. The music is AWESOME!