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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What do you mean by "translating the song", it is just translating the text, 
or must we also try to match the text with the melody, etc.?

I mean "accurately translating the text". When word for word translations are awkward, or not possible, trying to capture the general concept of the phrases in the language of the local people, always remaining faithful to Scripture.  The text phrases should stay close to the melody line. The translator should listen to our MIDI or MP3 files to learn the melody.  Most likely, notes will need to be added or removed from the melody to match the syllables.

2. Do we need to record and make the song available in MP3 or other formats ?

No, the translator simply provides the new text, and if possible, a translation of the text into English.  I will display this on a web page, and play the melody in the background.  If local musicians are available, they can record the melody and send me the tape or convert & email me the MP3 or Real Audio file. I will also post these files on the web site for others to download. 

See Center Of My Soul (Tamil)  
for a sample translation page

 3. Where to get the material for translation / is there any web page?

Translation suggestions and samples are found at
Translation Main Page

I have posted suggested songs to translate on our 
Public Worship Songs page

 4. Do you have any final target date... or is it flexible?

We have no target dates.  All things are done "in His time".  When new resources are created, I'll post them on the web site as an encouragement to people around the world.

5. Any more suggestions?

The Bible teaches that "I (Paul) planted, Apollos watered... but God causes the growth."  
I write songs (planting), others record, share the songs, translate (watering), together we can watch God bear much fruit through our small contributions to His very large Kingdom.

I would like the translator to share their name, a photo of himself/herself, and write a paragraph about who he/she is.

I hope this answers some of your questions
and look forward to hearing from you...

Your partner in the service of Christ,

Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music