"I just heard the song "If You Love Me".  I love the tune. 
Most of your songs are easy to learn.  My friends also
are not having trouble learning them;  thank you
(Bende, from Indonesia




Benediction & Anything  (Afulu in Nias Utara)

Benediction  (Nias Selatan)

How Sweet Are Thy Words  (Jakarta)


Afulu in Nias Utara


Bende MSala

I am the youngest from five of us; my parents are still alive but I have been not seen them for almost 4 years. 

I chose to do ministry first. My island is in NTT - "Alor Pantar" is a mountain place
and it is very far away from where I am right now. 
If we go by a ship it takes 1 week but if with airplane only 4 hour to get there.

After helping the family of Phil Walker, I made a decision to not go to college...
I just want to share the hundred of songs that I know and am not worrying about my future
The decision is coming from my heart and I believe this is a calling from God...   I just like to do ministry

Every time that I visited Village to Village, school & church, this is my life and
I love to sing, sharing what I know with people I meet...   I want to be busy in sharing about Jesus
by singing with them, so here I am enjoying the love of God with people that welcome me as their family.

I did not know the English language before I met Phil and his family
but they always talked to me in English so I kept trying until I became comfortable with it.

Everything for the glory of God The important thing is from our heart and for Jesus only, not for men...

Walking with Jesus is really amazing; every time I visit new people
I am amazed to think that God prepared them for me. I have a lot of places to go.  I am so thankful.




If You Love Me (John 14:15-16)    Song Page

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Anything    Song Page

Benediction    Song Page

How Sweet Are Your Words    Song Page



Thank you, friends, for helping New Hope Music
encourage people in Indonesia and around the world !!!

Ralph Merrifield


These young people from Jakarta, Indonesia are singing our song
"How Sweet Are Your Words". This group of 7 will be taking this song and
maybe some more of ours to public schools, orphanages and elsewhere in villages
scattered throughout Nias and Sulawesi in the coming weeks.

Thank you to Phil Walker and his team !!


Nias Selatan