"I couldn't keep myself from listening to your music... 
I didn't notice it's almost morning!
It's God who led me to your site... 
He knows I need spiritual strengthening and 
your music just brings me into HIS presence. Thank you
so much for touching people's lives like mine." 
(Gie,  from the Philippines)


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"To all my brothers and sisters in Christ in Indonesia and the Philippines,
I join with you in singing the songs that exalt our amazing Savior Jesus Christ,
and His precious Word that transforms us!
Keep on lifting up the awesome Name of Jesus!"

Bob Fitts.   worship leader, musician,
songwriter of classics like "Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty"

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(from the Philippines)


Alma M. Juat


I Meditate On Your Precepts     Song Page

I Meditate On Your Precepts     Song Page

Let Love And Faithfulness *     Song Page

If We Walk In The Light     Song Page

O Lord, You Are My God     Song Page

If You Love Me     Song Page

I Love You Lord    Song Page

Love One Another **    Song Page

You Are Of God (Little Children)

I Love You Lord

Create In Me

The King Rejoices ***   Song Page


El Joy Francisco Beneza

Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church Children's Choir

Before The Coming Lord

Set An Example


Grace Juat

Love One Another **    Song Page


The Walker family

One Thing


Fountain of Life Caruhatan

I Love You Lord    Song Page

I Meditate On Your Precepts     Song Page

I Meditate On Your Precepts     Song Page

Let Love And Faithfulness *     Song Page

Let Love And Faithfulness *     Song Page

If Any Of You

The King Rejoices ***

* Dedicated to Alma Juat

** Dedicated to, and sung with Leal Grace Juat

***  Written for Jacky Walker & Alma Juat


My husband and I are the music coordinators in our church,
Fair Haven Baptist Church at Muntinlupa City, Philippines.
As we are searching for new songs for our praise and worship,
we happen to surf in your web page. Indeed, it is truly rewarding!
We are very grateful in hearing new songs, especially
the Scripture-based songs.  In fact, we will be introducing
some of them this Sunday! Thank You!
(Antonette, from the Philippines)

Rolando DeGuzman Reyes

Rolando has created hundreds of wonderful
song videos, including several for ours


Your songs are very praiseful and touch my heart.   
When I heard "Center of my Soul" it really touched me. 
Thanks that I found your web so I can download songs 
that can be use in our prayer meeting....and thank you 
for all the freebies that are ready for duplication 
so I can share it with my friends to sing.  Mabuhay!!!  

(Jennifer,  from the Philippines)

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Ralph Merrifield and Phil Walker (missionary in Indonesia)
November 2018


Thank you, friends, for helping New Hope Music
encourage people in the Philippines and around the world !!!


Ralph Merrifield