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a lively public declaration of God's might


Let all the earth bow before Your throne
Let all in the world worship You alone

You are awesome God! You are awesome God!
Holy and righteous, Mighty and majestic
You are awesome God!!

Stars, moon and sun. Land and sea and sky.
All creation sings as one, "Lord be glorified!" (chorus)

Since the world began, through all history.
We Your saints exalt Your name for eternity (chorus)



Ralph Merrifield    MP3    You Are Awesome God !!

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video with vocal     You Are Awesome God !!

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video     You Are Awesome God !!

Hiland Overgaard    MIDI     You Are Awesome God !!

Adrian V. Miller    PDF Song Sheet  You Are Awesome God !! (key of C)

Adrian V. Miller    PDF Song Sheet  You Are Awesome God !! (key of G)

Adrian V. Miller   
MIDI    You Are Awesome God !!


As we recorded this, a loud thunderstorm passed over the mobile home studio,
adding to the drama of the moment. You can even hear claps of thunder
on the original DAT master !  A month later, Bob Nute added his percussion.

Over the years, this has been one of the most requested NHM songs at our church. 

It has also been...

* taught to 130 kids (age 8-16) at a Lutheran Music
in New Hampshire
*  include in the Jr/Sr High youth group songbook of
New Hope Chapel (Westboro, MA)
*  taught to the 1st - 8th graders at the
New Covenant Christian School (Marlboro, MA)
*  used as a background MIDI on the web sites of

   Crossroads Christian Church
Living Hope Christian Church (Rhode Island) &
Lutheran Social Services  (Alaska!).
*  Requested by two churches (South Dakota
    & California)


The Lord led me to your site and I was able to use 
"Center of My Soul" and "You Are Awesome God!!".  
It was fun and a blessing to me and the women at the Bible Study.
(Barbara, from New York)


Over the years, we have received several MP3s, translations,
videos and arrangements of my songs from Germany.
 Thanks to Hans M. Herbrand (translator & arranger). Beautiful!!
"You Are Awesome God" - German Web Page

Live choir performance in Germany
Shared by Hans M. Herbrand, Christmas 2016!

German Karaoke Video

Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil   Português (Brasil) translation

Rev. Jorge A. Mendoza   Spanish translation

Philipp Grossmann, from Regensburg, Germany    German translation

Lea Alaja, from Helsinki, Finland     Finnish translation

Hear this sung by the choir in Finland !!


Our choir is going to visit hospitals and old people´s homes twice
a month and once a month we sing in the church service...

We have two new songs of yours in our program: 
"You Are Awesome God" and "The Baby Of Bethlehem".

I enjoy so much Hiland Overgaard´s MIDI of "You Are Awesome God!!".  
Hopefully we are able to express the same kind of joy when we sing this song. 
(Lea, from Finland)


It has also been sung by soldiers at
worship services in Kuwait & Iraq

I assist the children's worship music and I am a singer 
not trained in instrumental accompaniment.  
I'd love to have a recording to pop in and 
let the kids go wild with, especially... 
"You Are Awesome God!!" 
(email from Penny)


...my name is Philipp and I organize a lot of music things for our CVJM 
(German for YMCA) in Regensburg, Germany.

Every 1st Sunday of a month we have our traditional Sing & Pray Night, so
I'm always on the search of good pieces of music with the right message. 

I happened to find your page and listened to your song "You Are Awesome God".  
I immediately liked this one and I worked on a German translation for it.   Last Sing&Pray Night 
we introduced this song with our band to the visitors, and they liked it too.   View video clip
(Philipp,  from

Our choir presented your song " You Are Awesome God - Ihmeellinen Jumala"
at our church service tonight.  This was the second time this song 
was heard in Finland.  First time was a week ago 
when we sang it at a nursing home.

I love this song, it is so full of joy and exalting the Lord.  The church
received it  well and it was a joy and a privilege for us to sing it.
Thank you so much for this precious song!
(Lea, from Finland)

Recorded on:     
"In The Knowledge Of Him"
"Songs Of New Hope"
"Lord Of All Ages"

Copyright 1991, Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(ie. corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, 
web sites, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!